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Amelia in Provincetown

I was pretty excited to hear from DeAnn and Gabriel as they made plans to vacation in Provincetown with their bulldog Amelia last month! I’m also always eager to have the humans jump in the photos with their beloved dogs, and you can see these two had a blast with it. Amelia was always on the go, but that fits just fine with my style of shooting – because I love to hang out and play! Equal parts rubs and clicking.

We met in the early morning light, and I think it made for some beautiful photos! Provincetown’s harbor beaches are open to dogs every day in the summer, from 7-9am and 7-9pm.

After a nice walk along the pier as well, I bid these three farewell. Don’t you just love a vacation you can bring your dog to? Provincetown’s great like that.

Hope you had a wonderful rest of your trip in Massachusetts!

  • July 18, 2012 - 1:19 pm

    Beth - Very cute session!

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