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1st Annual K95K

Sunday was my first time attending as a vendor at the Hounds at Highfield event in Falmouth, MA – and what an incredible turnout it was!! It was so fun to meet so many of my dog-loving neighbors and be able to give each of their pups a scratch.

As a runner myself, it was even more exciting to be a part of the first-annual 5k for dogs that took place in the morning before the festivities! I snapped away with the camera throughout the run, and also donated full sessions to the top male and female winners. All proceeds from the K95K went to the Friends of Falmouth Dogs in their 20th year anniversary of helping our local pets.

Brewer was excited to be there, but he and his dad didn’t run because of their helper duties at my booth that morning :-)

Laying down at the starting line? I guess it’s a good training method, because Hina was among the top finishers of the run!

It was a beautiful morning for a run and the day of activities. Very humid, but with an ocean breeze and that Cape Cod haze over head.

Our friends at CapeK9Cardio did an excellent job of managing the run, and there was plenty of water and nourishment post-race for both humans and dogs. You know these guys had a good long nap back home that day!

Road races are including dogs more and more these days, and I’m so happy to now have one near our home! Do a quick search yourself, and I hope you find a run in your town too! If you’ve already found one, please tell us about it in the comments section below!

  • July 4, 2010 - 10:36 am

    CapeK9Cardio K95K - Great event this year. Everyone had an excellent time while helping a great cause. We raised a lot of money for the Friends of Falmouth Dogs. Thank you to everyone who came out. Thank you volunteers, sponsors and contributors. Thank you Cold Nose Photo. We’ve got a wonderful account of the run because of your time, effort and skill. We hope to see you at the next

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